The Guardians of the Web

Introducing the Guardians of the Web: A team of unique and diverse talent dedicated to building and maintaining the open web.

Learn more about how the team are creating a more democratic future for the internet, and how we’re recognizing the real world guardians through the Guardians of the Web Awards.

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Who are the Guardians of the Web?

The Guardians of the Web are a team of characters dedicated to exploring and expanding the possibilities of the digital frontier, building new technologies and celebrating those who contribute to open source communities.

They represent the spirit of collaboration, innovation, and creating a better web for everyone. So come join us on this cosmic adventure! Together, we’ll explore the far reaches of the open source cosmos, and discover new horizons of possibility.

Earth with satellites pointing out specific people

Recognizing Contributions to Open Source

We believe that the open web is only possible because of the contributions of individuals and organizations to open source technologies.

That’s why we use the Guardians of the Web as a way to identify and celebrate people who have made outstanding contributions to the landscape of the internet, for their dedication to building better technology and for a more open and collaborative web.

Meet the Guardians of the Web

Learn more about each of the guardians, and how their unique skills and attributes enable the wider team to fulfil their mission of building a better web.

Astro from XWP's Guardians of the web


Astro is on a mission to explore the open web, building the technologies that make sharing and storytelling easier for everyone.

Meet Astro
Orbita from XWP's Guardians of the web


Orbita is a creative shape-shifter with the ability to translate complex solutions, provide clarity and mirror others.

Meet Orbita
A robot


Titan is an adventurous explorer who roams the cosmos tinkering with ancient space junk, with a relentless drive for experimentation.

Meet Titan


Turbota is kind, caring and empathetic, but fiercely protects the underrepresented, helping everyone make an impact.

Meet Turbota
X-Seeker from XWP's Guardians of the web


X-Seeker is a curious character, bringing information from all over the universe to help the team solve the next big problem.

Meet X-Seeker


Cyborg is a robot with the ability to intelligently map the future, protecting the team’s work from all kinds of unexpected events.

Meet Cyborg


Bichodero is a meticulous quality machine, with heightened senses and an unwavering commitment to excellence.

Meet Bichodero
Luz from XWP's Guardians of the web


Luz is a social butterfly who thrives in the heart of the action. They add sparkle, amplifying the work of the team.

Meet Luz

What it Means to be a Guardian of the Web

Anyone can be a Guardian of the web. It’s all about using your skills and talents to create innovative solutions in the digital space, promoting the ideals of open source and supporting the underrepresented.

Contributing to Open Source projects ❤️

Open source projects are software programs that are available to the public and can be modified and improved by anyone. As a Guardian of the Web, you contribute to these projects, helping support the technologies that drive impact at scale.

Advocating for Web Accessibility 🙌

Web accessibility means ensuring that websites can be used by everyone, regardless of their abilities. As a Guardian of the Web, you advocate for web accessibility by following accessibility guidelines and having open conversations about how we make the web more inclusive.

Enhancing Web Performance ⚙️

A performant web is a web that works for everyone. You help enhance performance by continuously advocating for or implementing best practices, working directly on technologies that affect web performance, or opening the floor to new ideas that can improve the state of the web.

Maintaining Web Standards 🚀

Web standards are a set of guidelines and best practices that ensure websites are accessible, secure, and reliable. As a protector of the open web, you help maintain these standards by following them and encouraging others to do the same.

Master of Collaboration 🤝

Collaboration is at the core of open source success. You work with other like-minded individuals and actively share your expertise in online forums, attend conferences, or join organizations dedicated to promoting new and innovative technologies.

Nurturing Emerging Talent 🌱

You mentor and nurture emerging talent in the tech and open source communities. You take the time to guide and support newcomers, sharing your knowledge and experience to help them grow and make their own positive contributions to the open web.