Guardians of the Web

Meet Astro

Astro is an adventurous leader who embodies the spirit of exploration and innovation.

With a relentless determination to push the boundaries of what is possible, Astro fearlessly navigates the uncharted territories of the open web, discovering new ways to share stories and connect with others.

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What is an Astro Award?

The Astro Award celebrates the trailblazers who are leading innovation, exploration, and storytelling on the open web.

These exceptional individuals and teams are shaping the future and inspiring others to dream big and reach for the stars. Through their groundbreaking work, they ignite creativity, push boundaries, and leave an indelible mark on the digital landscape.

Recipients of the Astro Award

Introducing the esteemed recipients of the Astro Awards.These are the individuals who’s exceptional guidance, collaborative spirit, and unwavering commitment have ignited positive change across the open web.

Scott Batchelor

Scott Batchelor

Scott has a background in digital content production and has extensively structured, tested and analyzed engagement campaigns. He manages XWP’s content calendar to help keep you in the loop through insightful blog posts and case studies.

Myles Lago-lago Craig

Myles Lagolago-Craig

Myles has worked on the Internet since the 90s, creating teams, products and platforms to grow businesses. He comes to XWP from News Corp Australia where he served as the Director of Publishing Technology and Services.

What it takes to win an Astro Award

Visionary Leadership

Inspires with clear direction, ambitious goals, and strategic guidance, empowering their team and steering the ship.

Decisive Resolution

Weighs options, considers perspectives, takes calculated risks, and makes decisive choices even in uncertainty.

Heartfelt Empathy

Understands and genuinely cares for team members’ needs, feelings, and concerns, fostering a supportive environment.

Clear Communication

Expresses ideas clearly, encourages open dialogue, and fosters transparency within the team to keep moving towards success.

Core Integrity

Leads by example, holding themself and others responsible for their actions, setting clear expectations and recognizing achievements.

Adaptive Mindset

Embraces change, seeks innovative solutions, supports team members through tough transitions, and aims to cultivate resilience.

Impactful Influence

Inspires and motivates others, effectively persuades and influences decision-making processes, and fosters collaboration and teamwork.

Strategic Thinking

Analyzes complex situations, thinks critically and strategically, develops long-term plans, and aligns actions with overarching goals to drive success.