Guardians of the Web

Meet Bichodero

Bichodero is a marvellous and meticulous quality machine, with heightened senses and an unwavering commitment to excellence.

Always vigilant and prepared, Bichodero uses its large optic sensor to scan the open web for imperfections, identifying and ending mediocrity.

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What is a Bichodero Award?

The Bichodero Award honors pioneers safeguarding the digital realm, uncovering vulnerabilities, and perfecting imperfections.

These outstanding individuals excel in vigilance, tirelessly enhancing the open web and fortifying its foundations. Through their meticulous efforts, they ensure a safer, more robust online landscape.

Recipients of the Bichodero Award

Introducing the exceptional awardees of the Bichodero Award! These individuals personify steadfast diligence, unparalleled resilience, and an insatiable drive for perfection when pushing innovation’s limits.

Scott Batchelor

Scott Batchelor

Scott has a background in digital content production and has extensively structured, tested and analyzed engagement campaigns. He manages XWP’s content calendar to help keep you in the loop through insightful blog posts and case studies.

Myles Lago-lago Craig

Myles Lagolago-Craig

Myles has worked on the Internet since the 90s, creating teams, products and platforms to grow businesses. He comes to XWP from News Corp Australia where he served as the Director of Publishing Technology and Services.

What it takes to win a Bichodero Award

Keen Eye for Detail

Exhibits unwavering attention to even the minutest aspects of systems, applications, and processes, spotting vulnerabilities.

Rigorous Tester

Thoroughly examines every facet of digital platforms, conducting comprehensive tests to identify and rectify flaws.

Analytical Expertise

Applies advanced analytical skills to dissect intricate systems, assessing potential risks and devising effective solutions.

Dedicated Vigilance

Maintains constant watchfulness over digital landscapes, promptly responding to emerging issues to ensure stability.

Continuous Improvement

Driven by a desire for excellence, consistently refines processes to elevate the overall quality of every product they touch.

Collaborative Problem Solving

Engages in cross-functional discussions to resolve complex challenges, leveraging collective expertise for solutions.

Strategic Safeguarding

Develops proactive strategies to prevent vulnerabilities, contributing to the creation of a resilient online environment.

Empowerment through Knowledge

Shares insights and educates colleagues about potential pitfalls, fostering a culture of awareness and preparedness.