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Meet Turbota

Turbota is caring, gentle, and empathetic but fiercely protects the underrepresented.

They value honesty and trust, and their nurturing character brings joy and laughter to those around them. Turbota spreads positive energy, and their bag of magic tricks always has just what someone needs!

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What is a Turbota Award?

The Turbota Award shines a spotlight on compassionate champions within the open web community.

These remarkable individuals embody care, inclusivity, and unwavering support for the underrepresented. Through their nurturing approach, they inspire a more harmonious digital landscape, leaving an enduring legacy of empathy and empowerment.

Recipients of the Turbota Award

Introducing the remarkable honorees of the Turbota Award! These individuals exemplify boundless compassion, inclusivity, and unwavering support for the underrepresented, creating a more harmonious and empowered digital landscape.

Scott Batchelor

Scott Batchelor

Scott has a background in digital content production and has extensively structured, tested and analyzed engagement campaigns. He manages XWP’s content calendar to help keep you in the loop through insightful blog posts and case studies.

Myles Lago-lago Craig

Myles Lago-lago Craig

Myles has worked on the Internet since the 90s, creating teams, products and platforms to grow businesses. He comes to XWP from News Corp Australia where he served as the Director of Publishing Technology and Services.

What it takes to win an Turbota Award

Inclusivity Champion

Always Leads by example, working to foster an environment where diverse voices are heard, valued, and uplifted.

Master Connector

Effortlessly builds bridges between individuals, creating a community of mutual understanding, emotional intelligence, and support.

Empowering Catalyst

Empowers marginalized voices by providing platforms and opportunities for them to shine and make meaningful contributions.

Empathetic Listener

Listens with empathy, creating safe spaces for open dialogue and ensuring everyone’s perspectives are acknowledged.


Navigates challenges with diplomacy, promoting constructive discussions to resolve conflicts and maintain harmony.

Guiding Mentor

Offers guidance and mentorship to nurture emerging talents, helping them thrive within the open web community.

Dedicated Advocate

Leverages resources and connections to advocate for underrepresented groups, creating pathways for growth and recognition.

Legacy Builder

Leaves a lasting mark by cultivating an atmosphere of care and inclusivity, positively influencing the open web for years to come.