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Meet X-Seeker

X-Seeker is an inquisitive and dependable creature who has a passion for exploring and observing their surroundings.

By using their exceptional problem-solving skills to provide clarity in even the most challenging situations, X-Seeker regularly helps the crew overcome obstacles and achieve success.

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What is an X-Seeker Award?

The X-Seeker Award celebrates the relentless pursuit of knowledge and the insatiable curiosity of those who dare to explore the unknown.

Recipients are lifelong learners, driven by a passion to push boundaries, embrace challenges, and uncover hidden truths. With their collaborative mindset, they actively engage with others, leveraging diverse perspectives to fuel innovation and collective growth.

A purple badge featuring the X-Seeker character and the words 'X-Seeker Award'

Recipients of the X-Seeker Award

Meet the exceptional recipients of the X-Seeker Award and learn about their inspiring stories of how their insatiable curiosity, helpful nature, and eagerness to learn have led to their success.

Scott Batchelor

Scott Batchelor

Scott has a background in digital content production and has extensively structured, tested and analyzed engagement campaigns. He manages XWP’s content calendar to help keep you in the loop through insightful blog posts and case studies.

Myles Lago-lago Craig

Myles Lagolago-Craig

Myles has worked on the Internet since the 90s, creating teams, products and platforms to grow businesses. He comes to XWP from News Corp Australia where he served as the Director of Publishing Technology and Services.

What it takes to win an X-Seeker Award


Demonstrates resourcefulness in seeking and leveraging various sources of information, utilizing tools, technology, and networks to uncover solve complex problems.

Insatiable Curiosity

Possesses an insatiable thirst for knowledge, constantly seeking new information, experiences, and perspectives to expand their understanding of the world.

Humility and Humor

Balances humility with a lighthearted sense of humor, recognizing that there is always more to learn, and embracing the joy and wonder that come with exploration.


Excels in conveying their enthusiasm and sharing knowledge effectively with others, engaging in meaningful discussions, and inspiring others through their passion for discovery.

Resilient Approach

Demonstrates unwavering determination and perseverance, persisting in the face of setbacks and using failures as stepping stones to further experimentation.


Approaches situations and ideas with an open mind, willing to challenge assumptions, embrace different viewpoints, and adapt their thinking when necessary.

Collaborative Spirit

Values collaboration and actively seeks opportunities to engage with others, leveraging their diverse perspectives, skills, and experiences to drive collective success.

Lifelong Learner

Embraces a growth mindset, actively pursuing continuous learning, and eagerly acquiring new skills, insights, and expertise in diverse areas to drive their whole team forward.