We work for an open web that is secure, performant, reliable, and accessible. VIP Partner Agency. WordPress Core & Community Contributor. Dedicated to Coding Standards, Peer Review, and Mentorship. Security Without Compromise.

It’s not just a job fit, but a cultural fit.”Kaitlyn, XWP Engineer

Bigger Projects, Bigger Challenges

We work on enterprise-level work for companies like Automattic, Thomson Reuters, News Corp and more. With a steady stream of boundary pushing projects, you will have great opportunities to grow!

A Culture of Pursuit

Some of the brightest leaders, team players, and WordPress minds on the planet committed to:


We don’t stop learning. Dedicated growth programs to make your great work even better.


Giving to something bigger than ourselves. To each other, our clients, and the WordPress Community at large.


The best people in the right places to make the biggest impact. No one is stronger than we are together.

I can produce better work as part of this team than I ever could on my own.
Matt, Former solo developer, XWP Team Architect

Time & Location Independence

Live where you want. Work a flexible schedule. Enjoy your life, your loved ones, and your work in a balanced way.

Meet a Maker: Dan Louw, WordPress Engineer & Architect

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Meet a Maker: Mackenzie Hartung, Team Lead

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Our agency partners are the best WordPress development shops on the planet. VIP, regarding its 13 VIP agency partners

Not just a Team

Ask anyone here why they stay, and the answers are always the same: THE PEOPLE. XWP connects people committed to all of the above. Support, kindness, and trust make relationships thrive here.

Three principles on which our company was built guide us in our work: Empower people. Help them discover their strengths and maximize their potential. Find ways to be of service to them.Tine, Managing Director, XWP

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