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Talking WordPress & Publishing at WordCamp for Publishers

We’re at WordCamp for Publishers this week, hanging out with our partners and friends in the WordPress community. If you’re in Chicago, we’d love to meet you!

Up to 85% faster with minimal code changes

How do you offer a rich, performant experience without rewriting your codebase?

In this presentation for publishing teams, XWP team members Leo and Ryan introduce the recently expanded AMP toolset available to all WordPress authors and administrators to implement AMP, with support of nearly every WordPress feature including Gutenberg, widgets, and embeds.

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[Session] UX and Sketching with Joshua Wold

You, yes you, need to sketch!

Joshua Wold, our UX lead here at XWP, will be sharing how quick sketches can bridge the communication gap between what clients want to create, and what developers can build. Joshua will share real project examples from our client work, and Core contributions and then take the crowd through a few live examples, so pull out your pen and napkin!

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Want to talk about working together?

If you’re in Chicago, so are our team. Tweet Charlie, Joshua, Leo, or send us a message.