Project Launch: The XQ Institute – Rethink Together

We’re proud to announce the launch of our newest project, Rethink Together, an essential part of XQ Institute’s complex, multisite network. XQ is revolutionizing the way that high schools think about education. XQ works hand in hand with communities across the country to help them dream big about what high school could be, turn innovative ideas into action, and create more rigorous and equitable schools. 

XQ came to Athletics, a WordPress VIP Silver Agency Partner, with the task of building a new website and platform for student and educator communication, interaction, and knowledge sharing. When looking for an engineering partner to assist in their development efforts, XWP was chosen to help. 

XWP has the exceptional expertise, talent and deep knowledge of WordPress that was required to ensure that Athletics’ and XWP’s creative technologists worked as one team allowing us to seamlessly iterate and resolve highly complex challenges in an incredibly short timeframe.

– Matt Owens, Partner, Athletics

The project goal was to create a platform that acts as a digital magazine and communication hub for high school students, educators, and families across the country. With a discussion forum at the heart of the site, Rethink Together also features a library of engaging articles and videos, along with access to online learning experiences and design challenges that help students build real-world skills.

The timeline for development was short, so our team made a quick pivot, adapting our processes and workflows to accommodate the needs of the project. We rapidly set out to develop a bespoke solution for the platform, integrating with XQ’s chosen communication platform BuddyBoss. From the project’s inception, our team created a clean, modular codebase that will allow for easy expansion in the future. 

Together with Athletics, we delivered an outstanding product for students and staff of XQ. With limited time before final delivery, our teams worked closely together to prioritize needs, evaluate technical solutions, and build a fast, optimized site.

– Duncan Schouten, Product Manager, XWP

We’re excited to continue our collaboration with Athletics on Rethink Together as we improve XQ’s platform, deepening integration with other areas of the XQ online ecosystem and building support for new product features in the months to come. 

The XQ Rethink Together project has been an example of excellent work and partnership at the highest level. This project wouldn’t have been a success without the team’s incredible hard work, focus, and dedication, as well as the collaborative effort from our partners at Athletics.

– Matt Chung, Sr. Project Manager, XWP

Athletics found an opportunity to partner with XWP on one of our most complicated projects in 2020, and XWP exceeded our expectations every step of the way. The focus and attention their team provided from day-one allowed us the comfort to give them the technical autonomy they needed to deliver a stunning project. We are already looking forward to another chance of collaborating in 2021.

– Ross Luebe, Technical Director, Athletics

Check out our work on Rethink Together and see how XQ is rethinking the future of high school with their groundbreaking digital tools.