Supporting Our Team and Clients During the Spread of COVID-19

Covid 19

XWP is committed to the safety of our team members and the continued support of our clients and the delivery of their projects.

As we continue to hear reports of how COVID-19 is spreading and impacting the world, we remain committed to the safety of our team members and the ongoing delivery of services and support to our clients and the WordPress community through our Open Source endeavors.

Safety for Our Team

We are fortunate to operate in an industry and under a business model that, by comparison, is less directly affected by the impact of COVID-19. We have, since our inception, been a 100% remote team. This means that implementing a practice of self-isolation during this pandemic is easier to facilitate. Our team members are equipped through the provision of company resources and processes to operate at full capacity from their home workspace.

We have an internal community program (called Unleash+) that provides funds to team members for products, activities, and experiences that enhance (unleash) their personal lives. We are reworking this program to help provide team members with extra resources for gaining access to items and services needed during this time.

Delivering for Our Clients

Our remote operations mean we are well equipped to continue to deliver in full to our client and partner commitments. Working remotely is normal for our team members and they will not need to adjust to a new way of doing things. Additionally, if a team member were to contract the illness, there is no risk of further spread amongst the team.

In a time when our clients’ internal operations are adjusting to cope, they can rest assured that the team they have in us is ready to support them.

We are also offering support to our clients and partners in advice around transitioning internal teams to remote. We have 15+ years of experience in remote and have a wealth of experience we are willing to share. 

Some Changes

We can’t deny that there are some changes to regular operations. Our teams have always enjoyed engaging at, supporting, and running events around web tech and Open Source. For the foreseeable future, all event attendance by XWP team members for business or community contribution purposes is cancelled.

Along with this, we occasionally meet in person with certain clients. While 95% of client engagement is remote, this facetime often brings value to our projects. As with events, this will also be on hold for the foreseeable future and we will work with clients remotely.

We will reassess these restrictions when appropriate and as the nature of this pandemic evolves.

Love in Community 

In times of fear, look for those doing good!

It’s so easy to become lost and burdened by the cycle of news. Of course, we should remain informed, but remember that the world we live in, the world burdened by this pandemic, is one made up of communities. If we look within our communities, we can see everywhere signs of goodness in people. Help, care, love, and support shines when there is darkness. Be inspired by the goodness of others and find ways you can shine for your community.