The State of Enterprise WordPress: Have Your Say

WordPress has undergone a remarkable evolution, emerging as the leading Content Management System (CMS) for enterprise brands. Prominent names like Rolling Stone, Vogue, and even the White House have now embraced WordPress as their CMS of choice.

In an effort to understand why large-scale organizations are gravitating toward this versatile publishing platform, and how they can help further improve the platform for enterprise businesses, a number of leading WordPress agencies are gathering data and insights for an upcoming report.

The State of Enterprise WordPress 2023 report, scheduled for release later this year, will provide a comprehensive snapshot of the advantages and challenges associated with WordPress, as reported by a growing number of global brands that have made it their go-to platform.

The report will not only delve into critical areas such as budget allocation, content publishing processes, and tailored functionalities but will also illuminate why they selected WordPress, how they’ve tailored it to their needs, and their expectations for long-term improvements.

This report is anticipated to provide the broader WordPress community with a deeper understanding of the demands and preferences of enterprise-level organizations. Moreover, it has the potential to shape the development of future features and updates for the WordPress platform.

In the words of Iain McPherson, CEO of Big Bite: “WordPress is renowned for its exceptional capabilities as a tool for bloggers and small businesses. However, what may surprise many is how WordPress has, in recent years, solidified its standing as the preferred choice for major publishers and large organizations. While we already grasp why this is the case for the global enterprises we directly collaborate with, our aim is to unravel the benefits for a broader range of organizations and share this invaluable information through this groundbreaking report.”

To contribute your insights to the “State of Enterprise WordPress 2023,” we invite enterprise organizations currently using WordPress to participate in a brief survey. All data collected will be kept entirely confidential, and the results will be aggregated and anonymized for the report. The report will be made freely available once it’s published.


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