Unsplash + WordPress: Bringing the Web’s Favorite Photo Library to the Web’s Favorite CMS

Unsplash and WordPress

This week we kicked off a project we’ve been excitedly building towards. We’ve started working with the incredible team at Unsplash on their WordPress plugin. When launched, the plugin will bring a richer and deeper experience to content creators in WordPress in how they can access, interact, and use the wonderful photography from the Unsplash library.

The ethos of Unsplash is one that is beautifully aligned with WordPress. Both platforms:

  • Embrace Open Source
  • Grow through rich community contribution
  • Empower content creators

The evidence of this alignment is in the fact that the photos of Unsplash are already found across a massive proportion of the 35% of the web that WordPress powers.

The work planned is exciting and we can’t wait to share the completed plugin with the WordPress community. Stay tuned for more updates.