Meet (X) in St. Louis: Let’s catch up!

We’re excited to announce quite a few of the XWP team (19 of us?!) will be attending and speaking at this year’s flagship WordPress event—Wordcamp US 2019—taking place this weekend, November 1-3.

This year’s annual event covers many interesting topics from user experience and visual regression testing, to advanced usage of javascript frameworks and how to address the emerging legal changes to internet privacy.

A few we hope you’ll catch: Two of XWP’s engineers, Alain Schlesser and Jonny Harris, are presenting on Friday. Alain will talk about “The Cost of Contribution,” and Jonny will tackle questions surrounding the REST API and Authentication. Plus, XWP contributor Bridget Willard will also conduct a workshop on how to craft effective bios for your internet presence.

Aside from our presentations, we’ve got a big portion of our team in attendance this year, and we’re always excited to talk about how we want to build a better web together. 

So whether you’re contributing to open source projects like WordPress, looking to build advanced editorial workflows, or maybe you want to learn how we’re building some of the fastest sites on the internet, or are looking to level up your large site with the leading engineering WordPress firm, we’re around to chat all weekend. 

Plus, we’re hiring for frontend engineers and project managers—so if that’s you, don’t be shy and apply!

XWPeople in Berlin for WCEU 2019

Drop us a message at the form below and we’ll find time to connect during WCUS.

The Final Transmission

TL;DR: We made a digital treasure hunt. If you like a bit of a brain challenge, you should give it a go.

The development of a new Visual Identity is a lot of fun. Reflecting on history, understanding culture, considering the future and then bringing it all together into something that visually reflects it all is great. The roll-out though can be somewhat… academic.

So, to have some fun, we made a game around it all. Without giving too much away, we pulled together a trail of digital breadcrumbs, cyphers, cryptic messages and clues and wrapped it in a story that represented the stage we were at as a company and the release of the new visual identity.

Result == a lot of fun. Collective efforts, a dedicated Slack channel and long page of documented findings took the team through the game’s story over the space of about 2 weeks.

We had fun making it. The teams had fun playing it. We thought we’d share it with you.

So to start the game, all you need is this message from one Sam C.


Systems are operational. Mission Phase 3 has the green light.

Instructions are delivered here as per operational security requirements. The system is old and the original architect is retired, so you’ll need to follow the breadcrumbs.

Everything you need to start is hidden in this image, or so they tell me. I don’t know where or how. I guess that’s what they call “security through obscurity”. Good luck and see you on the other side.