Good Friday Appeal: The Telethon

Join us in supporting the Royal Children’s Hospital on Friday, 2 April, as the Good Friday Appeal begins their live telethon, broadcast on Channel 7.

For 90 years, the Good Friday Appeal’s mission has been to raise donations for the Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne. This funding has provided state-of-the-art equipment, allowed the hospital to continue groundbreaking research, and ensured world-class care for countless children. The Appeal holds and sponsors events year-round—XWP recently helped raise over $10,000 to help fund two new medical imaging ultrasound machines for the hospital—but culminates in an all-day telethon on Good Friday. 

Throughout the past year, XWP has helped the Good Friday Appeal further their vision through a number of projects. First, our team worked to fully redesign the Good Friday Appeal website. Our main goals were to make the site more user friendly and easy to navigate, but to also refresh the site, producing a custom design for the Appeal’s 90th anniversary. 

But we didn’t stop at a new theme and design. We continue to provide proactive maintenance on the site to improve operation, and enhance page speed and performance to accommodate increasing traffic to donation pages.

Most recently we participated in the Neil’s Wheel fundraising event. Dave Rosen, CEO, and Amit Sion, CRO produced a series of videos for the event, including a general video shared on LinkedIn and Twitter and personalized content to friends and clients, to raise awareness and rally their large followings to donate. With these efforts, we were able to more than double our $5,000 fundraising goal. 

On this Good Friday, 2nd April, we’ll continue to provide support as kind and generous people click through to the Good Friday Appeal site to support the Royal Children’s Hospital. Join us as we help out this worthy cause. 

Help support the Royal Children's Hospital by donating to the Good Friday Appeal today.