Optimise Sydney 2020

A panel at Optimise Sydney 2020

On the 26th and 27th of February, XWP, Google, and News Corp hosted Optimise in Sydney. The inaugural event brought over 110 media, publishing, and web professionals together to dig deep and learn more about the opportunities for business of WordPress, AMP, and other modern Open Source tech.

Our ambition for the event was to bring together the incredible expertise we are fortunate to have within our network of partners and have it shared across the APAC industry. Our ambition was more than met with some incredible feedback coming in post-event. We are now establishing the groundwork for hosting the event in North America and Europe. Stay tuned for news on this.

The XWP team at Optimise Sydney.

Am I AMPable?

Short answer: Yes.

Long answer: One of the highlights of the sessions was the presentation of a simple proxy tool that lets you drop in a URL and have it assessed for AMP validation. It leverages the AMP WordPress plugin to parse the page, render it AMPlified for visual checks, and generate a report of AMP validation errors. For anyone exploring the benefits of AMP, but wanting to first understand the gap between their existing implementation and the ideal AMP state, this tool gets you 80% of the way to a clear plan of action. We’re working on having this tool more widely accessible and are hoping to announce something soon.

Slide Decks

There was a lot of amazing content spread across many sessions and you would need Sherlock-level retention to be able to recall it all. Future events will have the sessions recorded, but for now, the slide decks from the different sessions are here below.

AMP, a library for building user-first sites.
Further along the user-first path - Monitoring, monetization, and stories.
AMP evaluation proxy - evaluating AMP compatibility of any site.
AMP and WordPress - Building user-first sites the WordPress way.
The Capable Web - Feature richness and integration at global scale.
Progressive web development - How to succeed in the web as a content creator.

We work closely with Google on enterprise AMP implementations. Get in touch if you’d like to learn more.