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Ep. 13, Featuring XWP

The team at XWP has grown to meet the opportunities presented to us by our extraordinary partners, customers, and the open source community as a whole.

We dedicate the season finale of The XWP Tonight Show to honor the expanding team and bolder brand—fit to celebrate these major milestones.



Good evening and welcome to the XWP Tonight Show. My guest tonight is XWP. I’m so excited because we’ve just reached 100 People at XWP. This is a really big milestone for us because just two years ago, XWP was one of the best kept secrets of WordPress. But now, we forge ahead with a bold future. We’re so grateful to our customers who trust XWP for WordPress migrations, design, performance, maintenance, support, and many more things. We’re also very thankful to our many partners, Google, WordPress VIP, Pantheon, WP Engine, and Cloudinary. XWP only hires the best, so, let’s meet them. 

Good Evening and welcome to the XWP Tonight Show. So 100 XWP people from 34 different countries and if you’d like to apply, and you’re great at what you do, we’d love to meet you, because there’s plenty more work to do. 

Now, let’s meet the team.

I’d like to first ask why do you like working at XWP?


Every day I get to come to work and see exceptional people doing things that they love and driving the web forward in a way that really means something to every single person. I just love that I get to be a part of this community.


The best six and a half years of my career, amazing passionate people who are dedicated to their craft and to serving each other and our customers. Incredible impact that we’ve been able to make together. And the chance to live in a place where I can go on a day hike like this. Super, super thankful for my time at XWP.


I get to work with super talented, passionate people who truly care about the work they do. Also, the remote culture here lets me fit my work and my daily life together in a way that I didn’t even know could be so seamless and good for my well being until I joined.


I get to rub shoulders with some of the brightest, sharpest people that I’ve ever met and I get to learn from them on a day to day basis. It puts my family first. There’s things that I don’t have to worry about because I know that I have the flexibility and the support of this team to invest heavily in relationships inside my home.


I work at XWP because the work that we do and the people that I get to work with inspire me on a daily basis. I find that it’s a rarity in life, that you get to wake up and be surrounded by people that not only push you to do the best work that you can be doing, but also help you to continuously grow and learn. At XWP I encountered this, if not daily, on a weekly basis and it’s something that I’m extremely appreciative of.


A lonely developer is a sad developer and I like to collaborate and we get to collaborate with fantastic people. It’s just an honor to be able to work with such good and nice people.


I work at XWP because there’s something kind of magical about surrounding yourself with exceptionally talented people and really cool projects. And it’s not exploitative here, there’s a genuine care to take care of that talent, to take care of those customers, and ultimately, to take care of the users that we’re building for. 


We love working for XWP because we both like to be part of a team that truly cares for the people and this company culture is aligned with our core values.


I’m happy to share my time with incredible ones, meeting people from all over the world and being part of this community. I also have the opportunity to support them in having the best experience possible. XWP has genuine care for each one and this is aligned with my values and what I believe.


The X makes it sound cool.


People create this thing called culture, a culture that is truly exceptional. It makes me want to do my best every day. 


I find XWP gives me the opportunity to make meaningful contributions to something that I feel matters but also in a way that aligns with my lifestyle choice. Working hours that work for me, having a lifestyle outside of work, and focusing on what really matters: family, health, and enjoying life.


When I joined, I asked people, what do you like best about XWP? And almost everyone answered the people. Right? I thought that was you know, perhaps optimistic. But it’s true. 


XWP’s brand is about building a better web. What does that statement mean to you? 


A better web for me means an open web, a web for everyone. For me, it is like democracy. It’s not always fast, it’s not always the best, but in the long run, it’s the trustable option that we know. It’s the option that’s going to listen to everyone. It’s going to give voice to everyone.


In order to have a better web we need to open data. We need to make the internet faster. We need to make the internet decentralized. We need to interconnect data and give data semantic.


A better web is accessible. It does not judge. It does not have expectations. It welcomes everyone from everywhere.


So a better web to me is one that is inclusive, accessible, and more importantly, one that seeks to educate instead of misguiding by disseminating useful instead of harmful information. 


A better web means that we can spend the digital parts of our lives in an inclusive and welcoming way and that the projects we work on today will help set the foundation for a bright and fulfilling digital future.


It means a welcoming web for everyone no matter where, how, or whatever you’re accessing it on.


Oh and one more thing, as part of being a bigger organization, we’re ready for a bolder brand. I’d like to introduce to you the new look of XWP, I hope you love it. 

Thanks everyone for your support, Bye!