Myles Lagolago-Craig Joins XWP as CEO

We’re delighted to announce the appointment of Myles Lagolago-Craig as our new Chief Executive Officer. 

Myles will guide us in the next phase of our mission to tackle the biggest technological challenges in digital publishing, onboarding digital and engineering talent from around the globe, and enabling our industry-leading clients to tell their stories in new and exciting ways.

An experienced digital leader, Myles has worked at NewsCorp Australia for the past 20 years and served as the Director of Publishing Technology and Services since June 2020. 

During his tenure, he led the development of the platforms that enabled some of Australia’s most high-traffic websites, including brands such as, Fox Sports, and The Australian. He also delivered the largest WordPress enterprise installation in Australia to more than fifteen News Corp websites, involving more than 1000 internal staff. 

He was also responsible for the development of numerous technical projects with key partners including Google, Facebook, and Apple.

Speaking on the appointment, our founder of XWP Dave Rosen made the following comment: 

“For some time now we’ve been looking at taking XWP to the next level, and, after a period of unprecedented growth, we’re delighted to have Myles on-board as CEO. The breadth of his experience really speaks for itself, having worked on some amazing projects that have dramatically shaped the landscape of the web over the course of his career. I look forward to XWP’s continued growth under his direction.” 

Dave Rosen, Founder of XWP

Myles also had the following to say regarding his arrival at XWP:

“The global talent at XWP, combined with the industry-leading projects we deliver around the world for great brands, is why I’m excited to be joining XWP as CEO. The opportunity is to build on the phenomenal growth over the past few years, bring my passion for scaling high-performing digital teams, and continue XWPs commitment to building an open and performant web.”   

Myles Lagolago-Craig, CEO of XWP

We’re looking forward to having Myles on board to accelerate the growth of XWP.

For almost a decade, we’ve has been engineering a better web to serve the world. From humble roots in Melbourne, Australia, we’ve grown into a global company with global ambition, with community members in more than 30 countries, and its industry-leading partners include notable brands such as Automattic, Rolling Stone, Google, and many more.

“I have worked with XWP as a partner for many years and I have always been impressed with their culture and expertise in digital publishing, storytelling has never been more important for brands and publishers. Enterprises rely on experts to navigate this at scale and this is what XWP is positioned for.”

Myles Lagolago-Craig, CEO of XWP

About XWP

We’re a fully-remote web agency, with a team of experts around the globe. Together, they work with the biggest names in technology, publishing, and media to make storytelling easier with modern editorial tools, improve ownership through cleverly personalized workflows, and boost conversions with lightning-fast user experiences. 

Through the power of reliable tooling, and the elimination of technical debt, we help businesses to own their platform and their goals, smashing KPIs and enabling their digital teams to go further. 

We’re also outspoken advocates for the open web and actively contribute to a number of the technologies that underpin our offering. We love to identify global problems and define novel solutions. With an extraordinary team of experienced experts spanning every touchpoint of the development lifecycle, we work to create the digital opportunities that have an international impact.

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