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Supercharge your platform with a performance consultation from XWP’s performance specialists.

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A focus on performance is the best way to ensure your website remains fast, accessible, and competitive — but knowing where to start and which changes would provide the biggest ROI can be tricky.

That’s why we’re working with our partners at WP Engine to provide EOY and future planning performance audits that cut the guesswork, giving you a clear vision for the future.

Work with our experienced team of product specialists who have worked on performance driven WordPress solutions for the likes of Rolling Stone, Google, and Vice.

What Makes WordPress An Enterprise-Grade CMS?

We know that Sitecore boasts a ton of built-in features, and many of them are attractive when you’re looking for a CMS, but getting them to work together can be a challenge. With the right plugins (and a surprising amount of features already baked into WordPress core), here’s how WordPress can serve even the most high-traffic websites.

Marketing and CRM Integrations

There are a tonne of plugins out there that enable WordPress to outperform Sitecore in almost every way when it comes to marketing. 

Built-for-WordPress tools from leading analytics businesses like Google, CRMs like Salesforce, and easy marketing automation with tools like Hubspot for WordPress mean that you can still make informed decisions, with the added flexibility of choosing what you need.  

After all, when so much of the web runs on WordPress, it makes sense for marketing tech businesses to create solutions for the biggest audience, and bring with it the power of their dedicated platform.


Personalization can be tricky, and since the vanilla WordPress platform has no built-in personalization tools like Sitecore does, you’d be forgiven for thinking it’s unable to deliver authentic experiences.

However, the truth is, there are thousands of personalization tools that were built with WordPress in mind! Using all kinds of inputs such as location, past behavior, address, pages viewed, and other inputs, you can personalize a WordPress site to optimize the user experience.

Audit Trails & Workflows

For a lot of people, Sitecore was initially so attractive because of its ability to set up customized workflows and audit trails— and we get it! But we’d bet that WordPress can do the same thing, without cutting corners!

With tools like, you can now get a top-down, full historical view of our content.

User Roles & Permissions

The ability to configure granular user permissions is crucial for compliance, security, and processes is super important when you’re working in large teams, and WordPress has it down to a science.

WordPress site owners have the ability to control what each individual user can and cannot do within the site. A site owner can manage each user’s ability to do things such as write and edit posts, create Pages, create categories, moderate comments, manage plugins and a whole lot more by assigning a specific role to each of the users.

This helps keep things secure, and ensures that each user gets a simplified view of the CMS, only being able to access the things they need.

Multilingual & Localization

When you’re operating at the enterprise level, there’s a good chance you’re going to publish content in another language and serve different versions depending on a user’s location. 

Not a problem! WordPress is completely flexible. There are a bunch of localization features pre-baked into WordPress Core, and thousands of bespoke tools on the market that can help you serve even the most niche language (we’ve even seen a few that can handle Klingon!) 

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WP Engine & XWP

XWP and WP Engine have been strategic partners for a number of years, collaborating on a number of performance-driven projects.

Learn more about how performance is built into the fabric of our partnership in S1E7 of the XWP Tonight Show Featuring Mark Randall from WP Engine.

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Gabriel Koen, PMC

“XWP has done a great job of improving the sites’ Core Web Vitals, and they’ve also provided guidance to further boost the scores. The team provides regular updates and delivers on time and within budget. They impress with their top-notch web performance expertise and excellent communication.”

Tim Daugherty, VICE Media

“XWP is a dedicated ongoing partner that provides high-quality skillsets and meets deadlines. Their frontend development efforts have contributed to a 40% increase in affiliate revenue YoY.”

Liz Ginis, Australian Geographic

“XWP has successfully resolved the existing issues within the client’s site, driving a 40% increase in their site speed and boosting their page views back up. They’re responsive, helpful, and patient.”

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